Jonathan Adler Opening at Biltmore Fashion Park

I’m super excited for the grand opening of the Jonathan Adler store at Biltmore Fashion Park tonight! It’s the first Jonathan Adler store to open in Arizona and the fifth largest in the country. Definitely head down and check out the new store this weekend but if you can’t, use code FF2014 for 20% off anything you buy online or in-store now through October 20, 2014. Not sure what to shop for? Here are some of my favorite picks.

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350 Jonathan Adler Opening at Biltmore Fashion Park

Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

As much as I would love, love, love to go balls-out (yes, I said that) and get a new wardrobe every season, it’s just not practical. Enter, the semi-annual must-have fashion list of things I need to buy. It sorta keeps me in check to not go overboard each season. And now that I’m finally able to buy non-maternity clothes (hooray!) I’m so ready for the new season. Here’s whats currently on my must-have fall shopping list.

1. Pointy Toe Flats

Flats are chic, sophisticated and totally practical. I don’t wear them more often because I have trouble finding some that don’t rub my heels like mad, but I am lusting after all of the pointy toe flats this season. They remind me of my first trip to Europe when I saw all of the chic French women running around town in these fancy pointy toe flats.

350 Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

2. Skirts Galore

Let my love affair with the midi skirt continue! Whether it’s a mini, midi or full skirt, I’m all about this non-jeans trend this season. There’s endless possibilities on styling skirts which can be on point for just about any occasion. And yes, that means the day-to-day, stop waiting for a special occasion to wear something special! Pleated, printed, plain, however! I love them all.

350 Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

3. Hardshell Clutch

No need to spend a fortune, I saw some totally cute hardshell clutches at Target the other day. Yes, Target. I love how hardshell clutches add just the right amount of glam and toughness to any outfit.

350 Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

4. Fun Pants

Remember how I said forget about jeans? There’s even more options for you this season with all of the fun pants. And no, I’m not talking about slacks. From wide leg and glam to slouchy almost PJ pants that are oh-so-comfy, there’s tons of options this fall to shop for.

350 Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

5. Boots, of course

Because who doesn’t need a new pair of boots for fall?

350 Fall Shopping List: 5 Items I Need This Season

What’s on your must-have shopping list this season? 

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