3 Hair Secrets I’ve Learned as a Beauty Editor

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I’ve been writing about hair for many, many moons now so you’d think I’d be a total hair Pro…well, I’m not. But I HAVE talked to some of the best hair Pros in the industry and picked up quite a few tricks to help improve my own hair skills in super easy ways! Here are 3 totally doable hair secrets I’ve learned as a beauty editor that you can use at home too!

1. Dry your hair 100%

When I interviewed Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, she let me in on a great hair secret: you absolutely must dry your hair 100% each time. Not 80%. Not 97%. It really has got to be totally dry. Otherwise, you’re inviting the environment to have its toll on your hair and you may end up with frizzies and flyaways instead of totally smooth, gorgeous locks.

MY TIP: I struggle from not knowing when my hair is actually dry. So when I think it is, I go an extra 10 minutes or so, just in case. This seems to do the trick!

2. You don’t need conditioner

If your hair is oily or semi-oily like mine, you don’t actually need conditioner on a daily basis. Try using conditioner just on your ends if your roots are oily, or use it less often during the week. It really will help improve oily roots!

MY TIP: If your hair is oily at the roots but dry at the ends, try a leave-in conditioner post-shower on your ends only. I love this one by Ojon.

3. Don’t wash your hair daily

Washing your hair too much or too often can actually dry it out! And hey, who really wants to spend that much time under the blow dryer every day? Take a step back and try to wash it at least every other day. If you need some dry shampoo, this one and this one are some of my favorites.

MY TIP: A slicked ponytail is a great “dirty hair day” hairstyle. The extra grease and a bit of hairspray actually looks like the “good” kind of shine!

What are some of your hair secrets?

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Weekend Things

Are you one of those people that does tech updates right away or waits until all the kinks get sorted out? I’m usually in the latter camp, unless I’m really excited about something. In this case, I’ve been waiting for Apple’s new Photo update. Why wouldn’t I want my photos absolutely everywhere?! That’s part of the point of the Apple ecosystem anyway, right? To have every single little thing available to me whenever I could possibly want? I have no idea why it hasn’t been like this since the get-go. And so, I updated everything. And I’m pretty sure my laptop is going to have a heart attack now. Le sigh.

This weekend, we took the babe to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival’s Great Arizona Picnic and lounged around, drank some wine, had a few snacks and hung out with friends. We found a perfect spot under the shade in the grass to camp out for a few hours. (We have a handy zip-up picnic blanket, similar to this). And thankfully, this year wasn’t insanely hot like it has been in the past. I threw on this crop topmy lemonade skirt (it just reminds me of a bottle of Pellegrino lemonade, don’t you think?), and these Kate Spade stud earrings. P.S. Both the top and skirt are 40% off right now!

It was also the premier of Game of Thrones…which I want to hear absolutely NOTHING about! We cut the cable and are planning on binge-watching when the season is over so please, please keep your GOT talk to yourselves. Thank you.

I wrapped up Crazy Rich Asians which was a super fun read, and have moved onto The Girl on the Train, which I hear is quite the thriller. It’s pretty fast-paced so far, I’ll let you know if it’s worth picking up but the rave reviews say it is!

How was your weekend?

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