Beauty Sleep for Your Hair

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{Robe: Restoration Hardware}

You already know a good night’s sleep is priceless for your skincare routine, but it’s also a great time to treat your hair, too! A good night’s beauty sleep for your hair is so easy to do, and totally convenient since it’s pretty much effortless. Wake up with naturally healthier and shinier tresses with these tips on beauty sleep for your hair.

Sleep Dry, Baby!

You should never, ever go to sleep with your hair wet. Water in your hair cuticle makes it more susceptible to splits and breakage. If you wash your hair at night and don’t have time to blow-dry it, wrap it in a cotton tee, which isn’t as harsh on the hair as a towel.

Repair, Repair

I don’t always condition in the shower but I am a fan of using a good overnight conditioner. A leave-in treatment before bed will help hydrate your hair and you’ll wake up with super smooth and shiny tresses. I like Ojon Damage Reverse and Moroccan Oil. I also hear Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is pretty amazing.

Befriend the Humidifier

AZ is dry, dry dry, which can really parch your skin and your hair. Circulate some extra moisture in the air by using a humidifier to help give your tresses the extra hydration they need. Moisturized strands will be a lot less frizzy, shinier and break less. We use this one that’s shaped like a cube, it’s stylish and functional.

Channel Your Inner Rapunzel

Always brush your hair before bed. A natural boar bristle brush, like the Mason Pearson brush, is the best. You’ll detangle and distribute oil from your roots throughout your hair shaft. This also helps get rid of any product you may have used earlier in the day.

Wrap it Up

If your hair is naturally curly and prone to curling overnight–something you may not want if you just spent time blowdrying it!–wrap it with bobby pins to keep it straight and smooth. Check out this youtube tutorial for a visual step-by-step on how to do this.

Switch to Silk

Want to extend the life of your blowout? Swap out that cotton or flannel pillowcase and upgrade to silk. Rather than rubbing on cotton all night and causing friction, silk allows your hair to “glide” so you’ll have less damage and less frizzes. Even better, it’s great for your skin, too since it wicks away moisture and is naturally hypoallergenic.

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Do you have any beauty tricks for waking up with gorgeous hair? 

Canola Fields

canola fields elk point canada

Feeling free…

white summer dress

alexis bittar necklace

white target maxi dress

white maxi dress

kate spade earrings

white target maxi dress

white summer dress

{Dress: Target. Necklace: Alexis Bittar. Bracelet: Kate Spade. Earrings: Kate Spade. Headband: (Similar)}

Last week, we packed up our things and took a vacation to visit the family in Canada. I wrote about it briefly earlier this week, and how escaping the heat was so needed but really, it made me just feel free. Free to roam around outside again, free to do whatever without having to be somewhere. Just plain free, which is something we all need to feel sometimes.

On the two-hour-plus drive to my in-laws, there’s nothing but wide open spaces, gorgeous prairies and vast and vibrant fields filled with these beautiful canola flowers. It’s enough to make your mind wander into all sorts of fantasies. And I thought, I want to run through those. Just like in the movies. Because sometimes, being silly, or just taking a moment to inhale all of nature’s beauty is the most freeing feeling of all.

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