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The weather is so dry, my skin just can’t take it anymore. And with summer just around the corner, that means it’s time to break out the beauty products to slather some much-needed moisture onto my skin. Here are my three favorite moisturizing beauty products.

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief saves my skin no matter how dry it is. I’m kicking myself right now for having ran out. It’s light and feels luxurious on the skin.

2. Vaseline is one product you really can’t go wrong with having in your beauty stash and a it’s great budget buy too. No need for fancy foot creams; slather some Vaseline on your tootsies, add some socks and leave on overnight or through the day for amazingly soft feet. Trust.

3. Lather Honey Moisture Mask does exactly what it sounds like: infuses your skin with some much-needed moisture–and quick. It’s a fabulous product to have on hand when you’re getting ready to go somewhere and just realized moisturizer just won’t do it and you need to call in some emergency help.

What are some of your favorite moisturizing products?

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