Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Buys

top 5 drugstore beauty buys

Forget the savings, that’s just an added bonus when it comes to these top 5 can’t-live-without beauty buys. I’m as big a fan as any when it comes to luxury beauty items (you pay for what you get, right?) but these 5 items get it just right. And, I don’t have to shuffle over to the mall or my nearest Sephora to get them.

1. CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner

This eyeliner is truly the best of both worlds; like a liquid it glides on and you’ll never have to sharpen. Like a pencil, you’ll have precise control over application. I stock up on Black Onyx which is awesome for creating a smoky eye look when you use the smudge tip on the end. Plus for a mere $6, it can’t be beat.

2. Maybelline Volum’Express One By One Mascara

Maybelline mascara Volum' Express one by one


I am a mascara addict. I’ve tried just about every brand under the sun and buy a new one monthly so it’s nice and juicy. But nothing ever beats Maybelline mascara. Even when I’ve dropped $20+on luxury brands. Makeup artists swear by it and I’ve heard there’s even a patent on their formula–obviously for good reason! My current obsession is their new Maybelline Volum’Express One By One Mascara in Glam Black. Trust. You can’t live without it.

 3. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer

Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer

Neutrogena Antioxidant Daily Moisturizer


Whenever I go in for a facial two things happen: The aesthetician asks what products I’m using and I always fail to remember! As a beauty editor, I get sent tons of products to try. But one tried and true product I always go back to is the line of Neutrogena moisturizers.

If I’m going out at night, I reach forNeutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. It’s so lightweight you can’t even feel it on the skin. And it’s just $10.  For daytime, I’m trying Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives Anti-Oxidant Moisture Day Lotion, SPF 20. At almost $20, it’s a bit of a pricier drugstore beauty buy but it’s non-greasy, non-smelly and lightweight–all hard to find in a daytime SPF.

4. Anti-aging with Olay

Olay Professional Prox

Throughout the years, I’ve had the opportunity to interview some highly-admired beauty experts, and one product line they’ve always referred me to is Olay Professional Prox and the Olay Regenerist line of anti-aging beauty products. Again, these aren’t exactly the cheapest items you’ll find at Target but they are the closest you’ll get to their department store counterparts

–> Tip: Costco now carries Olay Regenerist creams and eye serums. I’ve tried them both and they’re awesome. They come in a pack of 2.

5. L’Oreal Paris Eye Makeup Remover

L'Oreal eye makeup remover


I’m not sure why anyone would spend a bundle on eye makeup remover when you can get an awesome one at Target for just $5. L’Oreal’s formula has been my go-to product for years. It gets the job done without needing to use 100 cotton balls.

 What are your must-have drugstore beauty buys? Add to the list!


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    My must have drugstore items are Olay regenerist serum, Olay lotion with sunscreen (the original kind), Neutrogena face wash (the orange kind in the pump- seriously works the best for my skin, and I’ve tried a ton of types) and St. Ives body wash- Citrus in the summer, and the Oatmeal kind in the winter. Love drugstore beauty! 

    • says

      Yeah that Olay regenerist serum is truly awesome. I got that Costco package and split it with my mom. I use Neutrogena face wash too, the orange and white cream cleanser is great! 

  2. says

    I swear by the L’Oreal eye makeup remover too. Tried to switch to another make up remover but didn’t do the trick. My eyes love L’Oreal so much. As for Neutrogena, I swear by ther Deep Clean scrub, I haven’t found anything that matches it!


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