2012 Style Resolutions

I kind of hate New Year’s resolutions.

It isn’t the idea behind it, striving to improve is always a good thing. It’s the emphasis that it should occur on January 1st of every year that bothers me. Ideally, if we would be constantly making resolutions for self improvement throughout the year. Then the rest of us dedicated folks wouldn’t have to deal with the January “lose weight” influx of people at the gym.

That being said, it’s still a good time to reassess your life and how things can be better. Which for me, include just about every aspect of life, including style! I can easily think of 5 style resolutions to strive for in 2012:

1. Book more facials

2012 style resolutions beauty care

Forget manicures and pedicures, my face is the first thing people see–it’s best to take care of it as much as possible!

2. Wear less jeans

2012 style resolutions wear less jeans more skirts dresses

Not that they aren’t comfy, I just feel like jeans totally stunt my fashion creativity. Skirts, dresses and creative layering are much more fashion forward.

3. Audit my closet

2012 style resolution clean closet

I probably don’t need to hang on to that blouse circa 2000 and should audit my closet for items to give away much more frequently. Maybe that will get me closer to having a closet like this some day? Hmm…

4. Use hair treatments

2012 beauty resolution take care of hair

I own a ridiculous amount of sample hair products. There’s hair masks, leave-in conditioners and overnight treatments galore and yet, they somehow don’t manage to actually make it to my hair. This year, the complaints of breakage and dried split ends are over and I’m using the tools I have on hand.

5. Accessorize!

2012 style resolutions accessories

If I were to point out my biggest style weakness it would be accessories. I love accessories, but I’m not an avid collector.  It’s a quick and easy way to punch up your wardrobe and go from “meh” to “wow.”


Do you have any style resolutions for 2012?

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  1. says

    I love the idea of wearing less jeans, but I think that jeans are my strong point.  I always feel more myself when I wear jeans than dress pants or dresses.

    I agree with the accessories!  I have some good ones and never wear them.

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