5 fashion trends we’re bound to regret

Don’t lie, you know you’ve looked back at pictures from back in the day and thought to yourself “what was I wearing?!”

This wasn't a good look...for anyone.

Then, the excuses follow:

“Well, it was sooooo in style back then!”

“Celebrity so-and-so totally pulled it off”


Scared of making some repeat offenses? Here’s 5 fashion trends that may be cute now, but in a few years may lead us to wonder how we were so out of our minds.

Pajama pants

spring 2011 fashion trends pajama dressing

Maybe PJs should be kept in the bedroom

When worn right on tall, thin model types, I find pajama pants quite chic. But take a step back and try to remember your initial reaction when you saw these because I’m SURE you didn’t love them right away. For most body types, they aren’t flattering. And maybe some items should just be kept in the bedroom. I suspect in a few years, we’ll definitely be wondering what the heck we were thinking.


spring 2011 fashion trend clogs

Ugh, please make these go away

I didn’t like these the first time around, or the next time either. Clogs are back, but I won’t shed a tear when they’re gone again.

Rompers and jumpsuits

fall 2011 fashion trend romper jumpsuit playsuit

The onesie, would you?

When you’re wearing what’s essentially a onesie, an item of clothing designed for infants, maybe there is a reason they’re just for infants. Some may be cute but for the most part, they’re incredibly hard to pull off. Not to mention, a total pain in the ass if you need to use the bathroom. Talk about awkward.

Boyfriend jeans

spring 2010 trend boyfriend jeans

It's hard to look sexy in something ill-fitting

It’s sexy to throw on your boyfriend’s shirt after a romp in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you’d go out in public in just his shirt and sex hair. So why shouldn’t the same thought process apply to boyfriend jeans? I’ll admit, they’re totally comfy. But the baggy, loose look (especially cuffed and worn with heels) is dumpy, not sexy.


Michal Kors fall 2011 choker

She has no neck. Hardly flattering.

I’m watching the spring 2012 New York Fashion Week shows as I write this post and it looks like chokers, a big fall 2011 fashion trend, are here to stay. The problem? While I like some chokers, they aren’t flattering. At all. They cut the neck off entirely and make your head look like it’s floating on your shoulders.


Not sure if you’re wearing a future fashion fad? Here’s a hint: ask your boyfriend! While we may criticize men often for just not “getting” fashion, they do have a pretty blunt view of what’s attractive and what’s not. Perhaps the reason they don’t “get it” is for a reason.

What do you think are the fashion fads of the past few seasons?

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  1. says

    I never understood the clog trend, but I think playsuits and rompers are slowly gonna become something classic to wear in the Summer one day (at least that’s what I hope lol) xoxo

  2. says

    thankfully I don’t own or plan to own pajama pants, rompers or clogs!! I’ve thought about boyfriend jeans, but didn’t find a pair to suit me, so I abandoned the idea! As for chockers I used to own one, more than 12 years ago (they were “trendy” back then too!!!)

  3. Helen Liu says

    Clogs? Oh God…don’t know why people like them. And chokers? C’mon, people wore those when I was in elementary school. But I like jumpers, since I own one ^^ hehe

  4. Kamea Tisdale says

    I actually love the pajama trend and I’m fan with it comes to rompers and jumpsuits! And how is styling a romper hard to pull off, your ensemble is pretty much complete, now your only focus should be the accessories.

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