Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs

While it won’t take much convincing for me to splurge on a pair of shoes or fabulous bag, I’m a total penny pincher when it comes to jewelry. It’s fun, it’s trendy and can totally change your outfit but I don’t find myself dropping tons of cash unless it’s for very classic pieces.

t j designs heart necklace1 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs

Suffice it to say, I’m loving today’s budget jewelry find, t&j Designs. The pieces in the collection are classic and modern and at totally affordable price points.

Crystal Bauble Earrings t j Designs1 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs

Although not normally my style, I was totally smitten when I received these crystal bauble earrings in the mail to try out. They’re perfect for date night or to spunk up any jeans-and-a-white-tee outfit. (P.S., they’re on sale for just $24!)

Check out these other pieces that would be oh-so-fun to stock up on:

budget jewelery t j designs1 1024x681 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs Silver Luxe Braided Necklace t j Designs1 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs pink statement earrings1 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs

t&j:Tiffany and Jen

tiffany jen tj designs founders1 Budget Jewelry Find: t&j Designs

Tiffany & Jen, the founders of the line, are sisters and also fellow fashion bloggers. You can check out Jen’s passion for fashion and food on her blog, Red Soles and Wine, and Tiffany’s style blog, I am Style-ish.

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