How to Keep Your Jeans From Bleeding

how to keep your jeans from bleeding

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Guys, I look like a Smurf.

Well, I guess Smurfette would be the technical term.

My jeans hath bled their deep indigo dye all over me. My hands, my fingers, they look like I’m slowly transforming into an Avatar…

There’s a solution to everything though, right? Here’s what I should have done:

First, let’s clear up one thing– it’s not about the quality of your jeans. Designer denim will bleed just as much as your cheap-o denim, too. The thing is, the indigo dye used to make your jeans oh-so-dark and pretty is also notorious for bleeding. And that isn’t just a problem when you’re wearing a white shirt; my now-darkened Burberry bag is not happy about certain dark stains! So, what can ya do? Here’s a few things to try to keep your jeans from bleeding.

1. Wash ‘Em

Do not pass “Go” and collect $200, head straight home with those jeans and wash them right away before wearing. Make sure you wash them in COLD water and turn the jeans inside out. Hot water will shrink your jeans and you will not be happy. Don’t stick anything else in the wash so the dye doesn’t bleed and stain your other clothes. You’ve been warned.

2. Add Some Vinegar

Is this just an old wives tale? Maybe. But denim sources say a cup of white vinegar added to your cold water rinse will help keep the bleeding at bay. The vinegar is said to help seal the dye to stop or lessen the amount the denim bleeds. For tougher jean jobs, soak the denim in the bathtub with cold water and a cup of vinegar. You can safely keep your jeans soaked overnight if necessary. Just remember to rinse them out in the morning so you jeans don’t smell of vinegar.

Remember, hand wash your jeans if you’re concerned about having them retain their shape and by all means, do not run your jeans in the dryer.

Have you tried a vinegar rinse before to keep your dark denim jeans from bleeding? Would love to hear your results below!

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