How to make your butt look bigger

Thank you US Weekly for not only providing insanely entertaining gym fodder/treadmill motivation but for also inspiring today’s How-to Tuesday post.

If you dream of having Kim Kardashian’s derriere or a J.Lo style backside and no amount of squats or carb-filled plates are helping you out, there’s hope. And no, I don’t mean butt implants.

af700b63da398427 booty pop before after How to make your butt look bigger

Enter Booty Pop, the padded bra, er, panties, for a more shapely behind. Because, ya know, puffy pant pockets are oh-so-unflattering. They even come in four different colors: pink, purple, nude and black. You can get these at

b833bee884da4df5 booty pop panties.xlarge How to make your butt look bigger

698eb5a81caad297 booty pop panties group shot How to make your butt look bigger


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