Obsessions: Kate Spade ChaCha Chocolate Clutch

Kate Spade Chaha Chocolate Clutch

Seriously guys, how cute is this clutch?!
I’m totally obsessed as a fun, cheeky Christmas present.

AND, unlike every other clutch known to man this one has COMPARTMENTS! Yes, actual useful divisions for your cell phones, lip gloss and even a zippered pouch too. Just when you thought it’d never happen.

holiday gift ideas kate spade cha cha chocolate clutch

Compartments? Yes, please!

kate spade fabric purses  kate spade cha cha chocolate hazel


Kate Spade ChaCha Chocolate Clutch, $295.

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  1. Taylor says

    this is really darling! i also cannot wait to hear who one the ted baker gift card!

    taylorbartik at gmail dot com

  2. Katie says

    I would give ANYTHING to own this. I can’t find it anywhere. Should have bought it when I had the chance :(

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