Shop that Sizzles: Pitaya

Scottsdale boutiques may come and go as quickly as reality TV stars, but the ones that truly sizzle, should be noted. That’s why every Monday this month, I’ll be spotlighting Arizona boutiques that are absolutely worth checking out.

This week’s hidden gem is Pitaya in Tempe. This Mill Avenue boutique isn’t full of tacky, cheap clothes like some of its other Tempe counterparts; instead you’ll find cheap chic fashions that rival the likes of H&M and Forever 21. The bonus? Unlike these supercharged fast-fashion chains, you won’t be buying something every other girl on the block is wearing.

Pitaya actually has a few locations throughout the country and online shopping too. You’ll find trendy tops and dresses from $12 to $42 and up and plenty of denim and accessories too.

I picked up this long, sheer tunic that’s perfect with leggings or tucked into skinny jeans with a skinny belt for just $34.

Pitaya sheer tank top

Awesome with leggings and just $34

This navy polka dot dress is super cute and under $50, a total steal.

$49 and super cute

And this twist front mini skirt, perfect for a night out on the town, comes in right under $30.

Just $29 and perfect for date night

Although I’m not usually into Mill Avenue shopping, shops like Pitaya make it worth the trip.

–> Tip: Take a buddy. I went by myself and was more than bothered when the shop girl advised me I couldn’t take my purse inside the dressing room. I looked around and true, there were signs everywhere that said no purses in dressing rooms. “Would you mind if I hold your purse behind the counter?” she asked me. “Yes, I mind.”

She told me I could take out the contents of my purse if it made me feel better. Well, not really. Am I really going to use my $800 purse to steal a $40 dress? No, I’m not. And I’m far more paranoid my purse will get stolen than my cash-less wallet that’s inside.

Long story short, take a friend with you who can hold your purse while you try things on. I had a stack of clothes on my arm and there was no one else in the store so I hung it on the other side of the dressing room (ridiculous) and tried on my clothes as fast as possible. It was an anxiety-ridden shopping experience. BUT, I did walk out with a handful of crazy cute outfits for insanely reasonable prices. Now that I know how to shop the store, I’d definitely go back, just with a buddy this time.

Pitaya in Tempe on Mill Avenue is definitely a Shop that Sizzles.

Check back next Monday for another spotlight on a Shop that Sizzles. And if you have or know of a store that truly sizzles, leave a comment below or contact me! 

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