Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Today, Arizona is celebrating its centennial. And though I may pick on AZ at times (hey, we all pick on our loved ones, right?) it’s been my home for almost my whole life and I couldn’t be more proud.

arizona sunset1 Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Arizona has the best sunsets

It sucks to travel the world and meet those who have little understanding of how beautiful our state is and how amazing the people are. The media just loves to perpetuate stereotypes that I’m not even going to get into, this is a fashion blog, after all. But, there are definitely some fabulous things about living in Arizona that the rest of the country should be jealous about.

1. We Love Style

scottsdale shopping guide Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

120 degree weather and heat waves be damned, there is totally a hot shopping scene around here! Prada and Stuart Weitzman just opened at Scottsdale Fashion Square not to mention, we recently welcomed a Barney’s New York too. But it isn’t just high-end shopping that’s a plenty; there’s tons of independent boutiques too. Tempe is chock-full of fast-fashions for the college set and Downtown Phoenix has its own burgeoning fashion scene too. Forget shorts and tanks, there’s definitely desert style around here.

2. We Love Food Festivals

scottsdale dining culinary scene Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

The majority of the year, it’s absolutely beautiful out. Which is probably why there are so many great outdoor food festivals. One of my favorites, the Scottsdale Culinary Festival, is just around the corner. And did you know there is also Arizona Cocktail Week, multiple Arizona Beer festivals, Arizona Restaurant Weeks and more? There is plenty to fill up on to keep us busy year round.

3. We Love Pool Parties

hotel valley ho pool scene Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Hotel Valley Ho pool

There are pool parties and then there are Arizona pool parties and let’s just be honest, we’ve got tons of practice on how to do it right. If you’re thinking of hitting the pool this spring, check out this list of some of Arizona’s Best Swimsuit Shops.

4. We Love Spring Training

scottsdale stadium spring training Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Scottsdale Stadium

Speaking of spring, did I mention Spring Training? I may not be a baseball fan myself, but the Valley is overrun from tourists spanning the entire country to catch a few games for a reason. The weather, the entertainment and all is just lovely.

5. We Love Our Neighbors

las vegas sin city Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Sin City, Baby!

It’s a quick 5-hour or less drive to sunny Los Angeles, San Diego beaches or dancing the night away in Sin City. Seriously, could we ask for any better neighbors than this? (Speaking of Sin City, check out this guide on What to Wear to Las Vegas if you’re planning a trip.)

6. We Love the Outdoors

hiking camelback mountain arizona Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Conquering Camelback

While I’m personally not a hiker, it would be a lie to say Arizona isn’t known for and absolutely loved for the beautiful weather and chance to go exploring the outdoors. From a Saturday morning Camelback Mountain hike to horseback riding, running the canals and more, outdoor adrenaline junkies can easily get their fix here.

Really, the list could go on.

By the way, if you’re looking for some cute memorabilia to show your love for Arizona, check out Jaimee Rose’s blog for some cute picks today.

What’s your favorite part about living in Arizona?

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