Kitchen Entertaining at…Kohl’s

I went to Kohl’s this week. (Pausing for your reaction.)

I know, I never shop there. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve entered into Kohl’s a total of two times in my life. The first was when the store first opened in Arizona. I remember it vividly because the anticipation was huge; people lined up to get in at 6 am and for weeks before the opening, I remember hearing that The Great Kohl’s would soon open its doors in our desert. My mom and I went with great anticipation. We went, we saw and I looked at her and said, “Feels like a giant Mervyn’s to me.”

This week, however, I was a little early to a meeting and the Kohl’s was next door so I decided to stop in. I’ve been on the hunt for some new glasses and lo and behold, there was a giant sale on all Food Network kitchen items.

food network dinnerware

food network kitchen entertaining

Maybe it’s the Bride to Be in me, but I’m suddenly obsessed with collecting all sorts of cute entertaining dinnerware.

The woman in front of me was as well and she stocked up on $500 worth of goodies.

As for me? My total savings was $114. I scored a condiment set and a 16-piece glassware set for a whopping $27. Total steal.

Kohl’s, I may be having second thoughts about you. At least for kitchen items, that is.

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