Transition to fall fashion: What to keep, store and toss

As the transition from summer to fall fashion starts, there’s no better time to clean out your wardrobe and start planning on which pieces from previous seasons you can keep, should store or need to toss.


Maxi dresses and Maxi skirts

Dark and earth-tone colors can be transitioned into the fall season

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts are still a strong 2011 fall fashion trend. If you have any that are solid-colored or in a print that can be transitioned to fall, go ahead and keep it in your closet for some winter wear. Thinking it may be too cold? Remember, you can always layer a cardigan or sweater with a maxi dress or skirt. See the how to wear a maxi skirt guide which has some pictures for inspiration.

Bright-colored pants

Keep bright pants for wear through fall!

Bold and bright pants and jeans were so hot for spring and summer. The good news is, they’re totally hot for fall too. If you already have a pair of red pants or another fun hue, keep them in your closet; this trend has staying power.

Wide-leg pants

Loving that 70s vibe

That 70s vibe has been oh-so-enchanting this season, with billowy tops and wide-leg pants everywhere. Personally, I’ve always thought a great-fitting pair of wide-leg jeans/trousers is pretty classic. And if you picked up a pair for the spring, they’re staying on trend through the fall too.


Little white dress

little white dress

Store that little white dress for use next spring

Just like its classic counter part, the little black dress, the LWD is one “trend” that’s barely even a trend, it’s a spring/summer staple. While you won’t be able to get much mileage out of summery white dresses this fall, go ahead and store them in your closet for some revival come the spring 2012 season.

Floppy hats

Always chic-save for summer!

I love a wide floppy hat. They’re perfect for poolside glamour, beachy days, or just strolling the streets on a nice summer day. This season, everyone from Shopbop to Target carried a variety of glamorous picks. Store these babies for next season when you’re sure to be able to use them again.



The one-piece look? Totally over it.

Sure, I’m still seeing jumpsuits and rompers in stores. But that doesn’t mean it should be worn. After all, crocs and blinged-out Ed Hardy is still in stores too. Unless you’re an infant or under the age of 12, go ahead and toss those one-piece jumpsuits and playsuits.


Derek Lam flatforms

Flatforms? No thanks.

Did anyone ever really embrace this trend anyway? Flatforms have to be one of  the ugliest spring 2011 fashion trends I’ve seen in awhile. If you did pick up a pair, they may be better off at Goodwill.


What fashion trends are you keeping in your closet for use through the fall 2011 season?

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