{Wedding Wednesday} My Bridal Shower

I’ve never had a shower before. A shower of gifts, that is. I must say, I wish we could have them more often! My girls really knew how to make me feel special with lots of beautiful details and small touches that we so, exactly me. 

I had a Coco Chanel Parisian-inspired bridal shower complete with the cutest little party favors (that I’m so obsessed with) Postino’s bruschetta, Sprinkles cupcakes and cute glitter cutouts for one of our games. And so. much. food. And a bubbly bar too! (Sorry, I got so caught up with everything I forgot to take photos of it!)

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{Dress: Ted Baker London. Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent}

My closest friends and family were there and we had plenty of food, drinks, good laughs and, of course, presents! I couldn’t have dreamt up a more beautiful bridal shower myself. Want a behind-the-scenes peek? Check out the Behind the Veil episode below on my bridal shower!

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Weekend Things

millenium scottsdale restaurant
We had our tasting for our rehearsal dinner at the Millenium Scottsdale. Their Executive Chef has a special menu in mind for our guests!

fred astaire scottsdale
We started our dance classes. It’s been fun and they even get me a skirt to practice having that extra weight and fabric.

phoenix wedding flowers community florist

I got to meet with my florist, Shelli at Community Florist, who brought along some beautiful bases for me to choose from for our centerpieces. Luckily, she found one that’s just perfect and I’ll be the first bride to use it! It’s all crystal, tall, elegant and really quite stunning.

scottsdale marketplace

Speaking of shiny, sparkly things, on my quest for the perfect pair of wedding earrings, I stumbled upon Scottsdale Marketplace. How had I never seen this place before? Stay tuned for much more on that adventure later.

What were you up to this weekend?

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{Wedding Wednesday} 5 Hair and Makeup Trial Secrets

Are you ready to book your hair and makeup trial for your wedding? It wasn’t until I was assigned a similar story and went in for my own hair and makeup trial for Behind the Veil (video below) that I realized how you really do need a little prepping!  Here’s 5 things you absolutely need to know to ace your wedding hair and makeup trial.

1. Bring Your Hair Accessories With You

wedding hair makeup trial

I can’t stress this enough: whether you’re thinking of a headband, jeweled barrette or just a veil, bring it with you to the appointment! You wouldn’t want to wait until the day of the wedding to realize the headband isn’t what you’d imagined after all.

2. Speak Up

If you aren’t a fan of something by all means, speak up! Your stylist and makeup artist want you to feel happy, beautiful and confident so don’t let someone talk you into trying something you just don’t like.

3. Bring Photos

ace wedding hair makeup trial


It’s one thing to say “I like curls” and another thing to show a photo of Julia Roberts curls vs. Kim Kardashian waves. Bring as many photos of inspiration you have so the stylist has a clear idea of what it is you want.

4. Don’t Bring an Entourage

Just like when you go wedding dress shopping, an entourage of opinions just isn’t necessary. Bring one or two trusted pals or family members at most but more than that is just asking for trouble. And it’s distracting to the stylist.

5. Ask Questions 

Before booking, call and ask the salon exactly what you’ll be getting. Some charge you for a full hair and makeup session while others only charge partial. But some of the latter will also only partially do your hair and makeup! Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before you set your appointment. Ask if you can try multiple styles (up to 3 is best) and go with your hair already washed so your stylist can spend more time doing your hair than on a blowout.

Here’s my own little makeup and hair trial for Behind the Veil!

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