{Accessories Lust} Mi Asunta

mi asunta fall 2012 collection

While working on a fashion piece for an eco-luxe website I write for, I came across the accessories line, Mi Asunta. Let’s just say taking a peek at their jewelry collection is a quick way to banish any thoughts of eco-friendly being all about the hippie chic. It’s hot. The fact that the line is handcrafted out of dead stock chain and vintage components is a total bonus.

Mi Asunta necklaces

mi asunta accessories

mi asunta fall 2012 collection

mi asunta necklace

mi asunta accessories

You can find Mi Asunta at Endless.com and SureNYC.com.

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What to wear to a summer wedding

Wedding season is definitely here! And it seems as if the question all my friends are asking as of late is what to wear to that summer wedding?

Summer weddings are such a great excuse for a bright, printed or whismical dress. And even though there are a few black dresses posted (hey, you can never go wrong with a nice, black cocktail dress), there’s plenty of options this season to truly dazzle.

Zac Posen for Target Review

I posted the lookbook on the Zac Posen for Target collection awhile back and while it was supercute, I wasn’t salivating. Why? I’ve been let down by pretty much every other designer collaboration for Target beforehand. I’ve lusted after many a pieces only to find that in the person, the fabrics look flammable. And no matter how cute of a “design” it may be or who the designer is, I just won’t drop the money on fabric that looks like it’ll fall apart with a single touch.

Zac Posen for Target is So Not the Case. It’s amaze. In short? It’s amaze.

Yes, it was worth repeating.

This collection trumps all other previous designer collaborations by far. The fabric works and the fit is great. Albeit a little small (especially if you’re chestier up top) it’s quite the easy line to drive a hole right through your wallet. Which is exactly what happened to me.

Not going to dive into detail on the items I picked up, but a few that were lustworthy (had they been in my size):

I wasn’t too crazy about it from these shots but in person, that floral dress is just divine. The construction is nice and as for the metallic swimsuit, it was shockingly cute too. Can’t report on the fit as neither were in my size and most of the wares had already been ransacked (read: Go, Now.).

Only because I live in Arizona and it was 90 degrees out today did I not snap up these pieces. The black tuxedo jacket is nicely tailored and a great fit. As for the red moto leather jacket, positively lustworthy. And for $200, not a bad deal at all.

Did you pick up any cute Zac Posen for Target pieces yet?

New site to love: 3Floz.com

Does anybody actually take their shampoo and pour it into mini plastic 3 fl. oz. travel-friendly bottles? Yeah, too much effort. I buy the mini versions too, which is why I’m obsessed with the new beauty site, 3floz.com.

In short? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Tons of beauty goodies in perfect travel-friendly sizes. So you won’t have to worry about pouring your favorite Kerastase conditioner into a flimsy .99 cent container. Or worse, dealing with a liquified mess that’s somehow centralized on your fill-in-the-blank-with-most-expensive-ensemble-here.

Wanna sample something but not willing to throw down some serious dough? Yeah, these mini portions are good for that too. “For those who can’t commit” is how the site so eloquently puts it.

Apart from your typical hair care products, you’ll find a veritable beauty loot from serums, washes and hand creams, to anti-aging products, salves, nail care, supplements and more. Dependable brands too like DDF, Malin + Goetz, Pangea Organics and tons of products for men too.

Check it out at, 3FLoz.com.