How to Build a Better Wardrobe

My closet, probably like yours, is not harmonious to my life. At all. It’s a constant work in progress and no matter what I stock up on I’ll inevitably reach in, gaze upon racks of clothing and declare that I have absolutely nothing to wear.

Can we ever stop this from happening? We’ll always want more, but you can at least build a better wardrobe so the feeling of having absolutely nothing to wear happens a whole lot less often. Here’s your four step guide to a better wardrobe and some gorgeous closets for inspiration to get you started.

1. Survey your lifestyle

It’s likely that the items you have in your closet aren’t at all proportionate to the lifestyle you live. If you reached into my closet, for example, you might think I go to nice restaurants and posh events everyday since it’s overflowing with sky-high heels and cocktail dresses. But that isn’t the case. And it’s totally wrong.

Survey your lifestyle and determine what types of activities you spend doing most; your clothing should be equally proportionate. If you spend 60% of your life at work, for example, about 60% of it should be clothing you can adapt to the office. As much as I love stocking up on coats, ballgowns and stillettos, I am not a socialite. So my closet shouldn’t be. You’ll be much happier in the morning when you realize your closet is realistically in line with your needs.

2. Survey your surroundings

Just like your ratio of clothing should be proportionate to your life activities, it should be proportionate to your surroundings too. Specifically, seasons. My personal weakness is coats. I love them. I totally stock up. But I live in Arizona and this kind of hoarding I do is admittedly, totally unreasonable. My closet should be stocked with desert lifestyle basics, not resemble a winter wonderland. Make sure your closet lives in harmony with the seasons where you live.

3. Survey your remnants

Woman sitting on sofa surrounded by clothes.

If you haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year, you probably won’t! Definitely donate, and for those designer duds, check out local resale shops where you might even earn a few bucks.

4. Rinse and repeat

Building a better wardrobe is a constant process.  You’ll want to survey your closet every few months. Purge, rinse, make a list of new items to stock up on and repeat! You’ll be on your way to building a better wardrobe in no time.


What are your tips for keeping your closet in tip top shape? Share them below!

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  1. Janet says

    I never thought about that. It’s difficult to make my wardrobe coordinate with the seasons just because I move so many places, but I definitely felt out of place wearing a dark, navy blue dress in the middle of spring in Central Texas today haha :)

  2. Bonita says

     ~ * ♥ * ~

    Great post!  I haven’t thought about trying to match my wardrobe to my life style all that much…  I guess it sort of happens naturally ~ all though not so much with the shoes!!  I just wear them anyway and get told I always dress up/overdress but I have decided that I don’t care if I am ‘overdressed’ ~ I love my heels and I am stickin’ with them!!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  3. Melissa Carron says

    Great post.  It’s definitely time to get honest with ourselves!!  I did something ridiculous a while back… I took pictures of EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING in my closet!  my iPhone almost conked out, and I was a bit embarrassed for myself.  Why the hell did I have that much crap?!  Well it was a great wakeup call.  I uploaded them to my computer, saw which tops went with which bottoms, which I wanted to style with, and which I needed to GET RID OF!

    It was a great exercise, and if you have the time, I suggest lots of people do it 😉


  4. Anonymous says

     It took me a while to understand but you are so right about the last point. I periodically check my wardrobe inventory. From this starting point I’ll decide what to keep, to buy and give away. It has made me a more conscious shopper. Thank you for sharing.

  5. says

    Fantastic post! I have the same issue as you where my wardrobe is filled with party dresses and club wear while I dont really party that much.


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